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Police Emergency 999
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Police Emergency 999

About 999

Police Radio Division is responsible for the smooth operations of the Combined Operations Room (COR). COR is the nerve centre of Singapore Police Force (SPF). This is where all Police Emergency 999 calls are answered.

Roles and Function

As the nerve centre, COR operates 24 hrs daily. It also co-ordinates with the Operations Rooms of the 6 Divisional Headquarters and other specialist units. Besides that, COR has inter-operational link with external agency like Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). In its Service Pledge, it promises to answer 90% Police Emergency 999 calls within 10 seconds.


There are only so many emergency services resources to go round. By not overburdening the 999 system, you can help us provide our services as quickly as possible where they are most needed.

Examples of correct 999 usages:

  1. "My neighbour's house is being burgled and the burglar is still inside."
  2. "I've just seen a car crash and it looks like people are seriously injured."
  3. "Gang members are fighting in the street and some of them have weapons."

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