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Career as a Police Officer Entry Requirements Salary Structure
Training and Postings Rank Structure Benefits Minimum Term of Engagement
Learning & Progress Home Team Merit Award (HOME Award)

Salary Structure

The entry salaries of our officers depend on their educational qualifications.

Entry Rank

Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS)
Junior Officer*

‘A’ Levels/Diploma
(5 local polytechnics/IB/NAFA/Lasalle/NUS High School)


$1,920 - $2,430

‘O’ Levels/Nitec/Higher Nitec


$1,790 - $2,060

*Appointment grade and starting salary will vary according to assessment of academic qualifications, relevant/useful work experiences and completion of Full-Time National Service.
Note: The salaries shown are not inclusive of Mid-year/Year-end Bonus, Performance Bonus and Allowances (where applicable).

Updated as on 20 February 2014