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Career as a Police Officer Entry Requirements Salary Structure
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Training and Postings

Newly appointed officers are required to attend a 6-month Police Officer Basic Course at the Home Team Academy. It is a residential course aimed at equipping new officers with the skills, knowledge and values required for police work. Police Officer trainees will undergo training on physical fitness, basic footdrills, weaponry and police defensive tactics.

There will also be classroom lessons on subjects such as Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code and Police Procedures. Trainees will be paid a full monthly salary during training.

Bond and Probation
Upon completion of 6-month basic training, officers will be bonded for a period of 2 years. The full amount to the bond for each officer varies according to his / her entry salary.

All newly appointed officers will be placed on a one-year probation period.

Posting System
Upon completion of the Police Officers' Basic Course, officers will be posted to Land Division HQ / Neighbourhood Police Centre / Specialist Police Unit, depending on their suitability, aptitude and the vacancies available.

Shift work is to be expected.