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Career as a Senior Police Officer Entry Requirements Salary Structure
Training and Postings Rank Structure Benefits NS Liability

Training and Posting

Training equips officers with the knowledge and skills to perform their duties. Newly appointed Senior Police Officers are required to undergo a 9-month basic residential training programme at the Home Team Academy. Apart from classroom lessons, the training also consists of physical training like footdrill, police defensive tactics and weapon training etc. In the course of your service, other types of training will be provided. These include development, vocational, and specialist courses.

The trainees would also undergo a 6-week Leadership Programme which consist of 2 main components:

a) 3 weeks training in Singapore to develop core leadership skills and to prepare for the overseas training stint.
b) 3 weeks overseas training to further develop and assess trainees' leadership potential.

Development Opportunities
There are also regular in-services and on-the-job training in the various units. We also sponsor officers to attend local courses at the Civil Service College, Singapore Productivity & Standards Board and Singapore Institute of Management etc.

In addition, you may be selected for overseas training and attachments in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other countries etc. Promising officers may be awarded prestigious Postgraduate Scholarships tenable in renowned overseas universities.

Posting System
As a general policy, you will be rotated for the Investigation, Command and Staff postings in the first 6 years of your career at an interval of about 2 years in one posting.

Your Investigation posting after the completion of training, is as an Investigation Officer in any land division. You will have opportunities to deal with a whole spectrum of cases applying the law and skills you have learnt. Investigation is the cornerstone of police work.

Command posting allows you to gain experience supervising a group of men, managing and motivating them to achieve organisational objectives. It has to do with general police operations at the frontline.

Staff posting provides exposure in various kinds of planning, administrative and facilitating services for frontline operations thereby enhancing the long-term capabilities of the SPF. Subsequent postings to other functional areas will vary between 3 to 5 years.

Probation and Bond
Successful candidates are required to sign a training deed as a bond to serve the SPF for a period of 2 years after the completion of the 9-month training. Newly appointed officers will be placed on a one-year probation period.