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Safe Cycling Guidelines

Jointly Issued by Tripartite Committee of Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police (TP)
And The Tampines Grassroots Organisations (GROS)

Cyclists who wish to ride on the footways in Tampines during the study must bear in mind that pedestrians always have the right of way on the footway. When sharing the footways, cyclists have a duty to care for the safety of pedestrians, especially the elderly and young children. It is a privilege to cycle on the footways. Cyclists will be required to exercise caution and be mindful of the safety of pedestrians at all times.

A) Before cycling on footway
Check that your bicycle is in good order: good brakes, reflectors, mirrors, lights and properly inflated tyres.
Wear a cycling helmet in order to protect your head against injury should you fall.
Wear proper shoes. Ensure that the laces are properly tied.
Do not wear bell-bottom pants or baggy pants as these may get entangled with the bicycle gear.

B) When cycling on footway
Always give way to pedestrians.
Look out for pedestrians or other cyclists before moving off.
Always cycle on the left side of the footway unless overtaking.
Cycle slowly on the footways. If you wish to cycle fast, please ride on the roads.
Prepare to slow down or stop if the human flow is heavy, especially in school zones. Dismount and push your bicycle if necessary.
Slow down when approaching road openings, bends, junctions, bus stops and pedestrian crossings.
Use hand signals to inform other footway users of your intention.
Ensure that your bicycle carries headlamp showing white light to the front, and lamp or reflector showing red light to the rear during hours of darkness (between 7 pm and 7 am).
Gently ring the bell to warn other footway users of your presence and signal to indicate your intention.
Always be on the look out for the intentions of other footway users.
Always cycle with care.


C) When crossing the road
Do not cycle across pedestrian crossings.
Dismount and push your bicycle when you are crossing the pedestrian crossing.
Practice your kerb drill before you cross the road. Look right, left and right as if you are a pedestrian.


D) Things you should not do when cycling
Do not carry a pillion rider unless the bicycle is designed to carry one.
Do not cycle in a zigzag manner.
Do not cycle abreast of another cyclist.
Do not overtake other cyclists or pedestrians in a dangerous manner.
Do not risk injuries with dangerous stunts, such as taking your hands off the handle bars, making sudden turns and stops, and sliding your bicycle.


E) Parking of Bicycles
Bicycles should be parked and secured at the designated lots for bicycles. No bicycles should be parked in a manner to cause obstruction to other road or footway users.



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