Amusement Centre Conditions
*1 The licensee shall take all appropriate steps to ensure that the following offences are not committed by staff members, patrons or others on the licensed premises:
(a) sale, consumption or trafficking of controlled drugs;
(b) use of criminal force;
(c) criminal restraint and confinement;
(d) intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace;
(e) affray;
(f) assault;
(g) rioting;
(h) sexual offences (for example, rape, outraging of modesty or unnatural offences);
(i) theft;
(j) robbery;
(k) extortion;
(l) gambling or betting; and
(m) causing the disappearance of evidence after an offence has been committed.
*2 If any of the offences set out in paragraph 1 has been committed, the licensee -
(a) shall report the offence to the police as soon as the offence comes to his knowledge;
(b) shall not remove, conceal or obliterate any evidence of the commission of the offence;
(c) shall not cause obstruction to the police officers investigating the offence; and
(d) shall provide reasonable assistance to police officers when requested.
#*3 The licensee shall ensure that persons below the age of 16 years are not admitted into the licensed premises at any time on any school day except between 6.30 p.m. and midnight.
*4 The licensee shall ensure that students wearing school uniforms or any part thereof, or school T-shirts, are not admitted into the licensed premises at all times
*5 The licensee shall not provide a change of clothes to students.
(1) The licensee shall ensure that all amusement rides and machines are certified safe for public use, by a registered professional engineer qualified to practise electrical and mechanical engineering, at least once every 6 months.
(2) The certificate shall contain the names of the amusement rides and machines and their serial numbers.
(3) No amusement ride or machine shall be changed without the prior approval of the Licensing Officer.
*7 No obscene or objectionable slides are to be shown on the "mini-movie" machines.
8 The licensee shall put up signs in English at prominent locations in the licensed premises to warn patrons of the following restrictions:
(a) "No admission to persons below the age of 16 years at any time on any school day except between 6.30 p.m. and midnight. "
(b) "No admission to students wearing school uniforms or any part thereof, or school T-shirts, at all times."
(c) "Children utilising the kiddie-ride machines must be supervised by adults."
(d) "Gambling or betting is strictly prohibited in these premises."
9 The licensee shall inform the Licensing Officer of -
(a) any change in the composition of directors in the case of a company; or
(b) any change in partners in a partnership business within 7 days of the change(s) being effected.
10 The licensee shall -
(a) ensure that the layout of the licensed premises conforms to the following conditions:
  (i) The total floor space must be at least 120 square metres;
  (ii) Video game machines should not occupy more than 50% of the total floor space; and
  (iii) The remaining floor space should be set aside exclusively for one or more of the following activities:
    - Children's corner containing rides and games for children
- Food corner          
- Beverage corner
- Stalls selling items connected with recreation
- Activities or shows such as animated shows, stage shows and indoor games
- Non-video amusement games like simulators and table soccer
- Carousel or other joy-ride
(b) notify the Licensing Officer of any change of layout and shall submit the Fire Safety and Shelter Bureau (FSSB) Building Plan Reference Number within 7 working days, following the approval of the change by FSSB.
11 The licensee shall ensure that only video games approved by the Media Development Authority are operated.
12 The licensee shall only operate games approved by the Licensing Officer.
13 Public entertainment shall not be provided in the licensed premises beyond the hours stipulated in the licence or where the licensed hours have been varied, beyond such hours as may be prescribed by the Licensing Officer.
14 The licensee shall ensure -
(a) that the licensed premises is air-conditioned; and
(b) that all openings such as doors and windows are kept closed when the licensed premises is in operation.
15 The licensee shall ensure that all machines and equipment connected therewith and safety equipment provided are cleaned, oiled and adjusted by a competent contractor not less than once a month.
16 The licensee shall ensure that any machine which is defective shall not be operated until proper repairs have been carried out.
17 The licensee shall keep a proper record of all notices, certificates of inspection, permits and other documents issued in connection with any machine and produce them to the enforcement officers for inspection when required.
(1) Only slides are allowed to be shown on the"mini-movie" machines.
(2) The machines should not be converted or modified to play video tapes or cartridges.
  Additional Condition For Operation of Laser Guns
19 Conditions for the operation of games using laser guns:
(a) Each laser gun is to be fixed onto the counter table top with a restricted rotation of fifteen degrees;
(b) All laser guns should carry warning labels for the safety of the players;
(c) No player shall be allowed into area between the laser guns and the targets during operation;
(d) The power output of each laser gun shall not exceed 1.5 mW;
(e) There shall be no human targets; and
(f) The licensee shall obtain prior approval from the Centre for Radiation Protection, Health Sciences Authority, before operating any form of laser in the licensed premises.
* These conditions are deemed "major" offences and will be awarded 6 demerit points if breached. The remaining conditions will carry 3 demerit points.
# Amusement centres without computer games
  Persons below the age of 16 years can be admitted from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on school days but licensee must ensure that they do not play video games. Licensee need not comply with condition no. 8 (a).
Issued by Licensing Officer
Version 3A dated 1 Aug 2003