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Police Life Monthly  


The Police Life Monthly (PLM), the corporate newsletter of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), chronicles key developments in the Force and disseminates information of interest to its officers and strategic partners.
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Singapore Police Force Annual

The SPF Annual is an important publication that communicates both the Force's achievements in the preceding financial year (FY) and workplans for the new FY through its general reviews, feature articles and statistical reports.
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Traffic Police Annual 2012


The Traffic Police Annual Statistics Report reflects the traffic situation on Singapore roads. The data within contains statistics pertaining to fatal and injury accidents, casualties in terms of road user groups as well as the main causes of accidents. Traffic Police hopes that the academics, the motoring industry and other key stakeholders will find this publication useful.
> Traffic Police Annual 2012

Commercial Affairs Department Annual


The CAD Annual Report is a compilation of case highlights and the Department's achievements during each financial year. It also showcases CAD's capabilities and strategies to fight commercial and financial crimes.
> Commercial Affairs Department Annual 2011 - 2012

Last updated: 07 March 2013