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Crime Situation for 2011//
Overall Crime Down
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Overall Crime Down

The overall crime in 2011 fell by 5% (down by 1,644 cases) to 31,508 cases from 33,152 cases in 2010. The overall crime rate for 2011 also fell from 653 cases in 2010 to 608 cases in 2011 (or -45 cases). This is the lowest crime rate registered for the past 20 years. Annex A shows the breakdown of overall crime in 2011 as compared to 2010, as well as the overall crime rate for the past 20 years.

Four of the six crime classes registered decreases in 2011 as compared to 2010, with significant decreases seen in Violent Property Crimes (down by 124 cases) and Housebreaking and Related Crimes (down by 190 cases). Theft and Related Crimes also saw a drop of 1,246 cases and Crimes Against Persons declined by 208 cases.

The elaboration is as follows:

a. Violent Property Crimes, which refer to crimes which involve taking of money or property by force or threat of force against the victims, recorded a 20-year low of 443 cases from 567 cases in 2010 (or a drop of 22%). In particular, the total number of robbery cases within this crime class fell significantly from 518 cases to a 20-year low of 394 cases (or a drop of 24%). In 2011, Police also arrested seven serial offenders who accounted for 37 cases of robbery.

b. Housebreaking and Related Crimes dropped to a 20-year low – with 706 cases as compared to 896 cases in 2010 (or a drop of 21%). The offence of housebreaking within this crime class also recorded the lowest number of cases for the last 20 years, with 637 cases registered in 2011. This sharp reduction can be largely attributed to two reasons: (i) a sharp decrease in the number of cases of housebreaking at private housing estates (-103 cases or -53%) and (ii) Police’s arrest of a total of 271 housebreakers in 2011, amongst which comprise 21 serial housebreakers believed to be responsible for more than 370 cases of housebreaking island-wide.

c. Theft and Related Crimes decreased by 1,246 cases (or a drop of 6%) to register 18,314 cases, as compared to the 19,560 cases registered in 2010. Police’s crime prevention efforts to educate members of public to take care of their valuables and properties through various mediums have borne fruit, as significant decreases were noted in several offences under this crime class, such as: (i) shop theft which fell by 792 cases (or -17%) to 3,977 cases; (ii) cases of theft which fell by 495 cases (or -10%) to 4,542 cases; (iii) cases of theft from motor vehicles which fell by 174 cases (or -14%) to 1,053 cases; and (iv) cases of snatch theft which fell by 73 cases (or -17%) to a 10-year low of 349 cases.

d. Crimes Against Persons, which refer to crimes where the victim suffers bodily harm as a result of the crime, registered a decrease of 5% (or -208 cases), from 4,177 cases in 2010 to 3,969 cases. The decrease in Crimes Against Persons is largely attributable to: (i) a sharp fall in rioting cases, from 262 cases in 2010 to a 10-year low of 172 cases (a drop of 90 cases or -34%); as well as (ii) a 5% decrease (or a drop of 23 cases) in the number of serious hurt cases, which fell from 429 cases in 2010 to 406 cases. The number of murder cases also registered a 20-year low in 2011, with 16 cases as compared to 19 cases last year (a drop of three cases or -16%).

Miscellaneous Crimes, which comprise various offences such as vandalism, trespassing and disorderly behavior, increased from 4,148 cases in 2010 to 4,196 cases in 2011. Offences which saw significant increases were (i) affray (+81 cases or +50%), from 163 cases in 2010 to 244 cases in 2011 and(ii) causing hurt which endangers human life, etc (+61 cases or +9%), from 648 cases in 2010 to 709 cases in 2011.

Commercial Crimes, comprising mainly cheating and related offences, registered an increase of 2%, from 3,804 cases in 2010 to 3,880 cases. This increase can be mainly attributed to increases in cheating and related offences, which rose from 3,501 cases in 2010 to 3,575 cases ( +74 cases or +2%).

2 Crime rate refers to overall crime reported per 100,000 total population.

Last updated: 7 September 2012