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Annual Crime Brief 2012//
A Safer Singapore - Seventy-Six Days Free From Confrontational Property Crime
Overall Crime Down
Crimes Of Concern Register Improvements
Key Crime Concerns Of 2012
Singaporeans Coming Together To Achieve More Crime Free Days
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A Safer Singapore - Seventy - Six Days Free From Confrontational Property Crime

- Housebreaking and Related Crimes registered a 20 year low
- Violent Property Crimes1 also registered a 20 year low

Overall crime reported in 2012 fell by 2% as compared to 2011. Improvements were seen in four of the six crime classes2, namely Housebreaking and Related Crimes, Violent Property Crimes, Commercial Crimes and Crimes Against Persons. Police records also show that 76 days in 2012 were free from the confrontational property crimes of Robbery and Snatch Theft, with 171 days without Robbery and 162 days without Snatch Theft.


1 Refer to crimes which involve taking of money or property by force, or threat of force against the victims.
2Crime classes refer to the six classes of Crimes Against Persons, Violent Property Crimes, Housebreaking and Related Crimes, Theft and Related Crimes, Commercial Crimes and Miscellaneous Crimes.

Last updated: 11 October 2013